Company Profile

ELIN INSULATION FZ LLC has been started at Al Hamra Free Zone, in RAK Investment Authority in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Our objective is to supply insulation components for transformers – by maintaining commitment to quality & delivery of international standards.    

We are now manufacturing and supplying all types of insulation components in the Kit form for the Transformers having voltage range 11 KV to 400 KV & rating above 1MVA up to 315 MVA.


We can supply all the components stage wise in kit form to ease manufacture Process, Reduce cycle time & Reduce inventory, in turn helping saving costs of our customers.


The range of our products:

1.         Edge rounded spacer for coils and assy.

2.         Dovetail and T spacer as locking to winding spacer block

3.         Edge rounded strips for winding blocks

4.         Machined winding blocks with Dovetail or T Slot

5.         Static Rings core (or Guard Ring or SER) properly machined edge rounded

6.         Complete Static Ring with metallization and machined taping to give uniform tightness of crepe paper & constant thickness.

7.         Winding cylinders; duly scarfed for overlapping to give required thickness at the joint

8.         Core insulation components of Pressboard and Densified Wood

9.         Densified Wood Components required for connections in all ranges.

10.       Densified Wood /Press Board Rings cut on CNC machines as coil support & coil clamping rings




Sl. No.



























Edge rounded strips

Edge rounded milled

strips in thickness tolerance

of 0.05 mm

Edge rounded spacers

Machined winding spacers with Dovetail slot or T slot

Static ring core

Static ring insulation



Coil clamping rings

Coil winding cylinders in single piece duly scarfed in ratio of Th. to length 1:30

for overlap joint in multiple pieces

All components for core frames of any size

Components for connection of any type & size of Densified wood.


1.5 mm to 6 mm

1.5 mm to 6 mm



6 mm to 25 mm

1.5 to 25mm


3 mm to 75 mm  Up to 75mm



12mm to 100mm Th.

Upto 6 mm Th. ht. Of 2100 & developed length of 3000 mm


25 mm  to 100 mm

25 mm to 100 mm



12 mm to 100 mm

25 mm to 100 mm


I/D 200 mm Min.

Radial Insulation

As required by customer.

I/D 200 mm Min.

Upto 6mm Th. ht. 2500mm & any developed length


Upto 3200 mm

Upto 3200 mm



Upto 3200 mm

40mm to 250 mm


O/D 3000 mm.




O/D 3000 mm





  • CNC Routers
  • Circular Saw
  • Edge Rounding Machine
  • Vertical Punching Machine
  • Vertical Drilling Machine

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